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You can call me, Mama x

Hey mamas,

You ever think about something for so long that when it comes to it you kinda have way too much or very little to say?

So I’ll start by telling a little why I’m doing this.

My pregnancy began after 3 months of trying, one month of giving up and drinking a lot, and then Tada, birthday sex lead to the one thing we wanted.

You know those really annoying mothers who get pregnant and realise they’re complete?

That was me.

Annoying, I know! But very true.

Wow, I felt like a whole human. Something really was missing this whole time.

So after giving birth and the first two months of breastfeeding, bliss and endless family visits passed, I honestly felt like something was missing again!

But how? There was a beautiful tiny human staring up at me, I had grown this human and gave birth (emergency C-section, we’ll talk about that another time) so how could I feel something missing?

Well, I’ve realised the ‘thing’ missing was a little of myself!

Being pregnant in lockdown led to me forgetting to check I was OK with not seeing friends and chatting away, one thing I am really really good at!

So, what I’m trying to say Is.. a safe haven to share my thoughts and have all those chats I had in my own little head, out loud, or on screen, THAT is why I’m doing this!

And also so I can make my little girl proud and say "that is MY mama"..

I’ll move on to who I am, usually what you’d write first, but I feel the why is way more important than the Who!

I’m a mummy to a beautiful girl called River who is 9 months old.

Also a mummy to a 2 and a half year old Samoyed called Ghost too, which I feel obliged to tell every person I talk about my little girl to as he came first and call me crazy, but he’s my first born.

I am a creative person at heart, so chatting to you this way and vlogging on YouTube is how I'm touching into my creative side and having a little fun.

I have a partner who is a pretty special guy. This year he has launched his own business that has pretty much reinvented the wheel when it comes to psychology in sport and for sports people.

I'd like to say I'm the brains, but..

That is enough about me.

Secret mum club will pretty much be my inner momologue (I had to, I'm sorry).

It will feature a box for you to share your thoughts, questions, tips and you can even use it as an agony aunt. I love to chat and my inbox is always open!

Having a bad day? Lets talk it out.

Having the best day? Tell me all about it.

It’s a little bit of everything here and trust me when I say, it’s a SAFE PLACE.

I have just spilt my coffee on my new couch, so I’ll be signing off here.

Speak very soon!

Call me, MAMA X

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