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Take a break, miss a moment!

If you have ever lost someone you really realise the importance of being present and not missing a single moment.

But have we all brainwashed ourselves into thinking taking a moment for ourselves, a break if you will, will result in us potentially missing something?


I try very hard to be present all the time, to just be 'there', but it is impossible to do this all the time.

There have been days when my partner will force me to take an hour to myself so I get myself excited for a cheeky trip to duvet town, housewives binge and a snack for every minute of being alone. I then overhear he is taking her to the play centre so I feel the urge to jump up, get dressed and get my play centre on because god forbid i miss her climbing on a sponge ball for the 8394 time.

I just can't bare the feeling of missing a 'first', but it is not healthy.

The mum guilt of missing a moment is real, but exhaustion is also very real.

This not only tires me out and removes any chance of a fresh burst of energy, but I am also stealing those alone moments with River and her daddy.

So I am here to remind you that it's absolutely more than OK to miss a moment or two.

Take some time for yourself.

Want to know what I do to relax a little?

Firstly I start with a hot bubble bath because having one without a baby present is pretty special. A face mask is key! I use the Loreal clay mask (blemish recue and glow)..

I lash a full head of conditioner on, blast some old skool RnB music and throw enough food for 20 people buffet style into the oven and I write, write write.

I have come to realise that the slow days are good for your soul.

Looking for some ideas?

Practice some mindful meditation.

Write your feelings down, have a little conversation with yourself on paper, it really is therapeutic.

Listen to the music that takes you back to moments in your life.

Take a stroll around a park. If you're from Liverpool we are lucky enough to have some pretty stunning parks! Sefton park is pretty special.

Get yourself in bed, snacks and binge-watch! If you're looking for something i recommend 'Sex Life' on Netflix, WOW!.. WOW!


A calm, rested and happy you means you will be the best version of yourself for your little being.

Take a break and miss a moment, it's so important for us all to not forget we are a person with our own needs, feelings and thoughts as well as a mummy or daddy! Take care of yourself. Love yourself. Be your true self.

Have some top tips for relaxation?

Drop me a message on the discussion box in the home page, i'd LOVE to hear all about it.

Speak soon,

You can call me, Mama x

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