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Support your damn friends..

Have you ever shared the new Skims campaign or been in line to buy the new Kylie lip kit?

Do you get a notification when Molly Mae posts her new vlog?

Me too!

Another question whilst you're here.. Have you ever forgot to share your friends new range of candles she has made in the small hours after she gets home from work before she goes to bed to make sure she catches 4/5 hours sleep?

Let's change this.

I see a LOT of celebrities new products being shared, bought and loved by my friends and I am not judging, I love a good 'Filter by Molly Mae' tan but It has me thinking.. why on earth do we shout from the rooftops how much we love big brands and we rarely see non-stop postings of our friends or neighbours ventures? Whether it be a new blog, a YouTube channel or some beautiful hand-made and very unique pieces of art.

Should we not be shouting those businesses a lot more than those that already have 100's of thousands of followers on their platforms?

My next few posts will be a little shout out/ love letter to the amazing independents we have around us!

They work hard and deserve the hype we give big brands!

So I am going to show some love to the ones I know but If you are an independent business owner, or know one that you want to share then leave a comment telling me who.

I've started with two that I adore.

Show some love to them. Every share, like and save means the world to them.


The cocktail specialists, Idle Hands!

Not only are the co-founders two of my closest and coolest friends (one of which I have been annoying since we were 4 years of age) but these little creations are special. They're unique and you can taste how much time and passion are being put into the creating and making of them.

Idle Hands was launched during the beginning of lockdown providing many people with incredible craft cocktails right to their doors and saving a lot of peoples sanity. Mine. My sanity. I am people!

This business began like most clever business owners do - an Instagram post.

They posted their very first post on the 7th October 2020 and baby business is a boomin'.

Perfect for the date nights in we have all became a custom to.

Perfect as a gift for any occasion. There are also little 175ml bottles that would act as the most perfect wedding favours.

Perfect for.. wait, do we need a reason to treat ourselves to some game changing cocktails?

Ever heard of a monthly subscription for craft cocktails delivered to your door, with fresh garnishes and a guide on creating the perfect cocktail in case you're feeling creative and want to try it yourself?

Idle Hands have it covered.

Each month you will receive 3 single serve cocktails. These delicious cocktails will be seasonal so you will get to try even more creations and a little snack to enjoy with your cocktails too.

If you have any allergies just let them know.

If you're interested and have some more questions then drop them an email or head over to their website (link below).

My recommendation?

Well you have the option of a single serve, a two serve or a pouch that serves four.

So naturally my recommendation is a pouch regardless of the chosen cocktail.

Although I have been lucky enough to taste most of their menu, for me nothing will beat the Gravity's Rainbow, but a night with the girls will be accompanied by Quiero Ver.

I'd love to describe each but Idle Hands HQ have the clever descriptions down so I'll let them do the talking.

Give them a follow, pick your poison and thank me later! @idlehandsdrinks and don't forget to tag them in your pictures.

You can look at their full menu on their website, place orders and find out more about their monthly subscription.


Introducing another besties business, Soirée Sisters

In the words of the two fabulous ladies that run this business, they are 'bringing you a little bit of Soirée event magic to all your special celebrations.'

Danielle and Laura are the co-founders.

I have worked with both ladies in the hospitality industry and they were always bringing a little life and magic to the social media pages and adding that little extra special touch when it came to events within the company. When it came to putting their creative minds together and pursuing their passion they created an event planning business.

Planning an event or have an occasion you definitely should have already planned?

Let the sisters take care of it all for you. Have an inner control freak like the mama writing this? Well they can be as involved as you like so don't worry about having to give all control over. I will say though I have already booked two events for the next year and I have gave a colour scheme, and that is it!

When you see them in action, behind the scenes and the proof from their clients pictures you will quickly realise you'll be more than happy giving them freedom to create and do what they do best.. #thesoireeway.

It is hard to believe this perfect event planning business is still a baby. The girls launched Soirée Sisters In February 2021 and what they've created and grown in such a small time is impressive to say the least.

If you are also a sucker for an aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed then this one is for you.

Follow @soireesistersuk on Instagram and see the stunning touches they've added to so many special occasions this year.

You can go to their equally aesthetically pleasing website to read more and you can also enquire straight from the website.


I have had the privilege of seeing my friends companies grow from a conversation to a business that is fully booked on days.

I am so proud of my friends and I am making a conscious effort to tell them more.

Your message could come on the day they are not feeling confident in their new ventures.

I can't wait to share some more of my favourite independent businesses in my next few post but tonight I will be signing off now wishing I had pre-ordered my self a cocktail to enjoy.

Speak soon,

You can call me, Mama x

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