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Rain, rain, go away ☔

It may seem a little strange posting a piece titled 'rain, rain, go away' in the Summer but we must remember two important things:

  • It is the UK

  • It has rained at some point every single day this week

If the lock-down has taught us anything (other than the importance of washing our hands to the tune and timing of happy birthday,) it’s how to get creative with what we have in the house!

How to get creative with our babies, our date nights and cocktails at home (thank you @IDLEHANDS ). Am I right ? There is some beauty to stripping back to basics, I’ll never forget the days I’ve had inside my living room with my little girl!

I am also a first time mum so I haven't really noticed or felt the difference with the baby classes and soft plays being closed, but I do know I could really f*cking use them so I have no idea how the mamas and papas who were regular attendees have felt.. I commend you Sirs and Madams!

Looking for a way to make your little one smile, giggle and get creative?

PAINTING THE TOWN (or living room) RED 🎨 with some home-made, edible paints.

Introducing your little ones to messy play fosters their curiosity, imagination and exploration. Another great thing about this is there is no right or wrong way to introduce them to it, or a certain way to get them involved so adios to the mum guilt or anxiety of scrolling for the do's and don'ts. A lot of people are put off by the idea or sound of messy play and i totally get it.. we have more than enough to do other than clean the excess glitter and paint from the crevice of the couch (and a few other more personal areas!), but this has been proven as one of the best ways for our children to learn and develop so it also makes sense to think it has some pretty cool benefits for us too, right?

What I am trying to say is suck it up, put an old t-shirt on and get messy, it may chill you out!

So, let's get making..

What will you need?



Food colouring (the colours you'd like to paint with)


Yup, that's it.

There is no set way to do this so just start with two or three spoonfuls of flour, a little water and water colour you wish to create.

I used some little crafts from various sets i'd accumulated from a day or two of crafts with my nephew, but you can get full sets of crafts from pretty much every shop now.

A little reminder of something we were all taught and many forget, what colours mix to make another..

Red + Blue = Purple

Blue + Yellow = Green

Green + Yellow = Light Green

Yellow + Red = Orange

You're welcome for this as I made it up as i went along.

Heads up, they WILL try to drink..

Get creative, enjoy your time with your little ones and please do get carried away and text your whole family claiming you have the next Van Gogh on your hands... like i did.

Also, be sure to check out @Idlehands on instagram for all of your cocktail drinking needs.

You can call me, Mama x

River-Mary, AKA 'The new Van Gogh'

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