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One last applause

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

My last two posts have possibly been my favourite to write.

I have felt a sense of unity and pride with sharing some independent businesses, and also hearing the lift in love they've received after them makes it all worth it.

So this is the last post of my little hope to share some love and I hope you read and love as much as I have.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record I will say one more time. Every follow, like share and save means the world to all of these amazingly ran businesses, and it's free so get sharing!


Grace Emily Design

I met this lovely lady at a Good Liverpool event and her work speaks for itself.

As well as having an online shop with ready made prints to order and being hosted in many shops around Liverpool, Emily also works on commission which means she will bring your idea to life.

Perfect for framed additions around your home, gifts or cards for those special occasions with an extra special touch.

Is there anything better than seeing art drawn by an artist who truly loves what she does and is very skilled? I'd say no.

Follow her Instagram @graceemilydesign or take a look at her website and be sure to tag her in any of your posts.


Unwind and Revive

Miss Kate Karins is someone I have had the pleasure of knowing on a personal level through university and she's always been someone very interested in bettering people through fitness and connectivity, and having a general interest in peoples wellbeing so it came to no surprise when recently she launched a business providing treatment to people suffering from various ailments.

As a massage therapist she has many treatments on offer to choose from and can help find the underlying issue you may be experiencing by taking all factors into consideration including physical and mental health.

I have always been very interested in my skin so you can only imagine how happy I was to see there are also facials available, so for my fellow skin lovers the luxury facial is for you which includes a cleanse, tone, mask, specific serum application, massage AND moisture.. need I say more?

You can take a look at Kates very aesthetically pleasing website to find which service suits you right now and ofcourse, drop her Instagram a follow whilst you're here!


Congratulations Kate and thank you for helping so many feel relaxed and happy at this time.


Whilst we are on the subject of wellbeing, have you ever thought of a dance class for fitness?

Well, Amy did and this is what started her business.

L.A Choreography

We are always looking for fun ways to get fit and have some fun instead of the old school gruelling 30 min classes in a sports hall with an instructor screaming right at you, well here it is in the form of a dance class.

Dancing offers a full body workout and this class is lead by an enthusiastic and pretty fabulous instructor called Amy. I had the pleasure of watching this girl dance in university and she has serious talent, but that doesn't mean you have to have danced since the beginning of time to take part. It's all about letting loose, having some fun and toning up is just a little added bonus. There heeled dance classes for those who are really looking for a challenge.

There are updates for when and where over on @la_choreography so don't be shy and I may see you there! (I will be the super unfit one at the back)

You go girls.


The Poppy Stop

I don't remember a time before I was pretty obsessed with the dried flower bouquet.. do you?

Well, once you take a look at the gorgeous arrangements The Poppy Stop create, then you too will be checking the Instagram page a little too much.

There are signature bouquets to choose from but if you have a design in mind you're in luck as events and bespoke designs are available too.

Adding that pop of colour to a centrepiece or just a much welcomed addition to your dining room table then The Poppy Stop is for you.

They've recently just had their first wedding too, so massive congratulations are in order.

Take a look at the Instagram page @_thepoppystop or you can order from Greens Group using the link below.

Tag your pictures and let me know if you decide to order, nothing I love more.


The Pickled Olive

In the heart of Woolton Village, this cocktail and wine bar came and brought another level of life, cocktails and vibes.

Thank you Kat & Elliot!

Just when you think it can't get any better they now have cheese and charcuterie available at the bar and are constantly hosting events with the other locals in the area.

They recently hosted a night with the Ying Wah, and if you've ever been to Woolton and been lucky enough to get a table at this Chinese restaurant then you can imagine how sick of an event this must have been.

A month ago they launched an Artist Palate menu and the cocktails created are just that, ART!

Take a look over at their Instagram page @thepickledolive to browse yourself and book onto their next event on the 9th September - The Pickled Olive X Nowhere where you receive an arrival drink, 3 cocktails and 3 small plates from Nowhere for just £40 per person.

Live music, delicious cocktails and good vibes - what more could you ask?


Good Liverpool

Good Liverpool is a curated marketplace of mission-led independent businesses in Liverpool who host regular events, one I had the pleasure of going with Idle Hands cocktails.

These are vibrant events hosted in different venues across Liverpool, the next being in Pins Social Club in Liverpool city centre on the 5th September. Try getting there and getting to know some of our amazing independents where you can taste unique baking and then pick up a homemade candle one stall across.

What this company are doing is pretty special and very scouse (sound as f*ck).

Some of the companies I had the pleasure of meeting I have tagged their Instagram's below.

Take a look, show some love and share away!

@thefermentationstationuk are specialists in the art of fermenting foods and drinks. They spend their days making probiotic foods and drinks which are both healthy and sustainable. I had the maple bourbon pickles after I couldn't stop looking at them during the Good Liverpool event at the Dovedale Towers.

@reins_clothing as you know I have a little one, and after having River I did become more conscious of our planet. I want there to be a beautiful green earth when she grows. Reins clothing are busy making stunning pieces of clothing for our little humans by using all recycled materials. They're doing their bit and the pieces are pretty special! GO, take a look.

@sunrise_patisserie If you have tasted Portuguese tarts you'll know the instant love, but Sunrise Patisserie takes it to a new level. These are the most creamy, delicious baked goods you'll try, and if not then I will personally refund you. How about that? Can be made GF and VE too so no excuses.

@candle_collective_uk Yes, I am bringing you another handmade gift idea. Thank me later. This beautiful business are bringing you hand poured soy candles and wax melts that are vegan and 100% cruelty free. I loved seeing and smelling these beautiful creations at an event and placed an order the second I was home. I recommend you do the same.

@majoliebylizzie Looking for handcrafted products for your mind and body? Look no further then Lizzie's little corner of the world. I could recommend many products but all I have to say is this.. there is a 'Chocorange' body scrub! Yep, a chocolate orange body scrub. Wait, don't click off the page just yet I still have two more.

@rmostudio The most beautifully crafted ceramics are found here. Not only crafted to perfection but the detail and designs are quite literally one-of-a-kind. You can head over to her Instagram to even see a snipped of how some products are made. When I look at these beautiful pieces I am very nostaglic, taking me back to my nans kitchen as a little girl.

You know those certain cups etc you could NEVER touch? Yeah.

@jostlebakers Do you wonder some days if you can get delicious baked vegan goods delivered to your door? You do? Wow, this really is for you! There are so many different options on what to order I'd love to know what you chose!

Double chocolate and raspberry brownie? Or will a salted pecan and white chocolate cookie take your fancy?

Great.. now I am hungry!


If you're reading to the end of my last independent loving post, then thank you very much!

Show some love to these passionate business owners.

Speak soon,

You can call me, Mama x

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