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Can you feel the love?

Thank you for the love you showed the 'Support your damn friends' post and the businesses included.

Let's keep this going and show our independents the love they deserve after pouring every part of their soul into them even on the days it'd be easy to give up.

I've said it before but please do no underestimate the power of a share, a save, a review, a like or subscribing!

Can't believe I am about to type these words but.. Christmas is around the corner so any businesses you see and like maybe get your pre-orders in to avoid being caught in the inevitable rush of present buying.

Shall we introduce a few more?


Introducing Queen Quarts Candles..

You know the friends you have for what feels like forever?

The ones you can speak to everyday for 7 years and then a little less, and a little less again but it changes nothing?

When you meet there is nothing but love, pride and sometimes a little tequila?

Well, that is Kayleigh Mcdonald for me.

She has been a best friend for a long time so you can only imagine how proud I felt when January 2020 she launched a business in the middle of a global pandemic.

Kayleigh handmakes crystal infused scented candles that aren't just beautiful to look at and see around your house but bring ambrosial scents around your home.

Candles such as her 'Hematite' Sauvage inspired candle also work with the root chakra, helping transform any negative energies around into positive vibrations.

Looking for a little self love and healing?

Treat yourself to your very own 'Full Moon Ritual Box'.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate this picture?

You can already tell these will make the perfect addition to your home or a perfectly scented gift, so need I say more?

Kayleigh, I am very proud of you.

You can browse and order over on her 5 star Etsy page and whilst your here, follow @queen_quartz_candles and remember, every save, like and share helps!


The Cookie Stamp Co..

Creating baking supplies in her home office, Katie has taken this business to a worldwide shipping level.

Katie is a self-taught creator of the baking stamps which stemmed from seeing a gap in the market after spending a lot of £££ on cookie cutters.

Another business birthed during the worldwide pandemic, but this one has gone from strength to strength and recently The Cookie Stamp Co reached over 10k followers on Instagram! Congratulations.

Katie is creating these small pieces of art in her home office as well as just having graduated and having a beautiful boy. If you want to hear some honesty about this business then check out her Instagram, she is one example of the honest and hardworking women we have in this city! You will also see Katie open up about her personal struggle with trigeminal neuralgia which is nothing short of an inspiration.

Want to see a little of her artistry?

Personalise your goodies, cakes and gifts with these beautiful personalised and hand crafted creations.

Want to see a little more or maybe place an order?

Follow @thecookiestampco

Be sure to tag any pictures!


Another two incredible businesses for you to take a look at!

Show some love.

Speak soon for one more post of some of my favourite independents.

You can call me, Mama x

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